Sunday, February 20, 2011

Etched in Bone - The Maker's Song #4 - Adrian Phoenix

     Having the bloodlines of both the Fallen and the nightkind running through his veins, and twisted psychologically by a rogue branch of Government intelligence called Shadow Branch, Dante Baptiste is coming to a showdown with all three.  The melding of his two bloodlines has produced something the world hasn't seen in two millenia.  Something that anyone, angel, devil or monster will do anything to control, a Maker. 
     The elders of the vampires who determine where nightkind society should go believe that Dante belongs to them and that his allegiance should be to the nightkind.  The Fallen have been missing a Maker for two thousand years and nothing and no one will stop them from forcing Dante take his seat upon the Chaos throne.  Dante knows that he belongs only to Heather Wallace, the former FBI agent and human that he's bonded with.  He'll do anything to stay with her, and damn anyone who tries to stop him.
     There's one threat that neither Dante nor Heather has accounted for though.  One from Heather's past that she'd thought she'd finally rid herself of, her father, James Wallace.  A man obsessed with getting his daughter away from what he believes is a blood-sucking monster that controls Heather's mind.  In tearing Heather away from Dante, his one bond that keeps him grounded, will he turn Dante into the one thing the Fallen fear?  Turn him from Maker into The Great Destroyer?
     Etched in Bone is the long awaited fourth installment in Adrian Phoenix's Maker's Song series.  Ms. Phoenix has a legion of fanatical fans for this series going back to what started to make vampires popular again in the first place, sex, blood and rock 'n roll.  So, how did Etched in Bone stack up against the rest of the series?  Not as highly I'm afraid.  While I've loved the previous three books, this one while necessary just seemed to be moving the pieces in place for the next in the series.  That's when I believe the actual fireworks are going to happen.  I also wasn't the biggest fan of he structure of the story.  I can't tell you too much about that without revealing too much.
     The good bits in this, and please don't let me make you think there weren't, were shiny!  Just what did happen in the hotel room in Damascus anyway?  Ms. Phoenix's storytelling and character building are just as strong as they've ever been.  Go out and pick her non-Maker's Song book Black Dust Mambo if you want to see how strong she is without Dante.  Regardless of Etched in Bone being a 3 and not a 4 I always pick up Adrian Phoenix's work because it's how I like my coffee, black as night and sweet as sin.

Etched in Bone - The Maker's Song #4 receives 3 out of 4 Stars

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  1. Amazing review. My fingers are itching to have this in my hands. Phoenix is one of my favorite authors. Her storytelling is just epic. Hate that her dad is getting desperate now though. After the way Beneath the Skin ended, Dante needs Heather more than ever. Glad you liked it even if it wasn't like the others. Still want though. Great review hon, thank you :)

  2. Dante need Heather now more than ever and I think that's what makes James the perfect antagonist ;)