About PR & Me

Hi there, my name's Patrick.  I'm really glad you stopped by and you're even taking the time to read this self-serving bit. 

Preternatural Reviews was started in April of 2009 after a stint at Bitten by Books under the name SunandHeir.  My reviews there (and some of the ones here) weren't exactly stellar, but hopefully I'm always learning and growing in my abilities to do this.  I've been reading ever since I learned how.  My first full length, modern novel was Stephen King's, Pet Semetary, but it was until my grandmother gave me a book when I was 11 that changed things.  It was called The Vampire Lestat, and a life long love affair with paranormal novels started. 

Now, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy will always remain closest to my heart, but I've never restricted myself to one genre before this site.  So, why should I know?  For that reason I'm expanding the scope of the site to include: Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction and maybe even the occasional comic book graphic novel. 

I'm doing this for you, the readers, not the writers nor publishers.  If a book is bad, I'm going to tell you because I've generally received the book from the publicists or authors, but not you.  You have to go out and spend your hard earned money on these novels.  I hope to earn the trust you've placed in me in the future.