Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blood Bound - Mercy Thompson Bk 2 - Patricia Briggs

Mercy (Mercedes) Thompson is a VW mechanic and a shapeshifter of a sort: she’s a "walker." Walker is short for "skinwalker", which happens to be a Native American shapeshifter. She's also the only one of her kind that she’s ever met. Besides being able to shift into a coyote at will, having a preternatural nose with the abilities to sort scents around her and sense magic, she happens to not be affected by some of the more common vampire magics.

Mercy resides in the same world as you and I with one sharp difference: the general public is aware of supernaturals. While that category is broad and includes shapeshifters (walkers and werewolves), vampires, demons, and witches, the lesser fae were the only group known. These fae were in fact revealed by their own "Grey Lords" years previous, and recently the werewolves have followed suit.

Mercy happens to owe her vampire friend Stefan (head vampire in the Scooby-Doo fan club) a favour or two. Stefan keeps her abilities a secret from the other vampires in his seethe in exchange for work on his VW Bus and other things. He asks Mercy to sit in on a meeting, in coyote form, with an out-of-town vampire who has yet to pay his respects to Marsilia, the head of his seethe.

The only thing Mercy scents during the meeting is vampire, recent death and the fear radiating off Stefan. Stefan, who has been around since the Renaissance and is one of his mistress’s head lieutenants, is not one to frighten easily. Although, in this case, his fear happens to be understandable because this is no ordinary vampire. His name is Corey Littleton and he happens to be ridden by a demon.

Blood Bound is the second book in Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson series. With all of the groundwork that Ms. Briggs laid out in Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1), she has the time and space for a complete thrill ride in Blood Bound. This novel is one you’ll need to strap yourself in for because it’s going to be hard for you to put down. While not needing to read Moon Called before diving into Blood Bound, it will help. This is my second read-thru of the series and it’s so enjoyable to see all of the fine nuisances that Ms. Briggs includes in her novels. Seeing the pieces of her tapestry in their genesis and knowing what they will become never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Patricia Briggs is one of the stellar talents in fantasy. Not just paranormal, she can run the entire gambit in fantasy. I look forward to and value each and every one of her novels and know, with complete confidence, that they can be purchased at the date of release in hardbound. If you are looking for an enjoyable new series to start, the Mercy Thompson series is one I would recommend with all of my reviewer’s heart.

Blood Bound
rightfully receives A Classic rating, 4 out of 4 Stars.

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