Friday, May 29, 2009

Eve of Destruction - Marked Bk 2 - S.J. Day

Evangeline "Eve" Hollis is back in the 2nd Marked novel, Eve of Destruction. She only thought things were rough in the 1st of the series, Eve of Darkness, but now she's off to boot camp. You see, Eve still hasn't really been taught how to kill Infernals (not that this fact has stopped her) yet. So, along with 8 other Marked Novices Eve is off to an abandoned military base to train to become a full fledged Mark. It may turn out to be the longest week of Eve's life.

The Novices begin to drop one by one and Eve begins to search for the killer hidden amongst them. Be it a traitor or Infernal. Add to this fact that the cable TV brand of ghost hunters chooses this week to investigate the military base and suddenly the entire Mark system is in danger. Eve struggles with keeping the "paranormal researchers" alive while keeping the Mark system quiet.

Eve becomes the de facto leader of the remaining Novices by the simple fact that she is the most experienced. Cain (her mentor) and Abel (her boss) are on separate assignments, and are not around to help her this time. If Eve wishes to get out of this week alive then she's going to have to put down this new threat and get as many of the others out as possible.

Ms. Day gets the first thing for me right in a sequel. She allows her heroine to grow while at the same time not letting her do anything out of character from the 1st novel. Eve is a truly wonderful character. Just when you think that all of the heroines for urban fantasy must be assembled in some factory along pops Eve Hollis.

You'll also be glad to know that the kernel that Ms. Day revealed in Eve of Darkness that the eternal struggle may not be as simple as good vs. evil is further explored. Plus, the growth and where she leads the love triangle between Eve, Alec Cain and Reed Abel is almost worth the ride alone in these books.

S.J. Day brings the best thing and author can to the urban fantasy genre, something new. I, for one, cannot wait for the release of Eve of Chaos. You'll find yourself turning page after page. While every novel comes to an end it also lets you in on the beginning of the next novel. Just to ensure you mark the next release date on your calender. Eve of Destruction gets 3.75 stars out of 4.

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  1. how were you lucky enough to get an arc?? I searched high and low -- you are soo lucky. I can't wait for the 2nd of June to roll around -- both Eve of Destruction and Skin Trade hit the shelves...

  2. I love your review style! Very nice review. Like I said on Twitter the other day, I pre-ordered this, I just hope they ship early.;)

  3. em18966: I actually found Sylvia online on Twitter. She was so terribly nice and mailed books out to me directly. Contact her via her website. I'll have Dakota Cassidy's Kiss and Hell and Yasmine Galenorn's Demon Mistress up this weekend.

    Donna: Thanks. It's still evolving so let me know what you think always. I love input.