Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Darkness Calls - Hunter Kiss Bk 2 - Marjorie M. Liu

With the sequel to The Iron Hunt (Hunter Kiss, Book 1) we join Maxine Kiss again, demon Hunter and born wanderer. Her nomadic bloodline only joining with the opposite sex to produce the offspring that would protect the next generation once they were killed off, but most importantly, no emotional attachments at all. Her body covered with swirls of tribalesque tattoos, or at least what look like tattoos. They remain on her body like modern day armor and protecting the skin they're attached to during the day. At night, they leave Maxine's body and resume their true form, that of demons.

Her nomadic path leads her to Grant, former priest and the very last of his kind, the Lightbringer. He is able to manipulate energy, the energy of any living creatures, and that of demons as well. This ability puts his life in mortal danger from the Avatars. Maxine has gone against her ancestor’s highest taboo, she's fallen in love with Grant. She refuses to just leave her beloved to his death. Maxine fights the Avatars themselves by losing her own powers of Darkness. What will the pairing of the Lightbringer and the demon Hunter bring about with their joining to the world?

If you've read anything from Marjorie M. Liu you know that she can write a deadly warrior woman to a T. Maxine Kiss is The Road Warrior covered in tattoos and killing those evils that prey upon the earth, whether they are human born or preternatural. She's a wonderful character and really gets the chance to shine in Darkness Calls. With all of the groundwork and back story already done in The Iron Hunt (Hunter Kiss, Book 1), Maxine gets to do some damage in this book, and I loved it. Ms. Liu's battle scenes are completely alive in my mind. Hopefully you've started reading Dark Wolverine (Co-Authored with Daniel Way) from Marvel because if you have you know exactly what I'm speaking about.

Grant is a wonderful character in and of himself. Being a beacon of light in Maxine's world of darkness. The one person in the entire world that Maxine has traveled who's made her stop and think that maybe there's more to life. Darkness abounds through out this novel (obviously since it's called Darkness Calls) and its seductive nature pervades Maxine's life. Considering herself both demon Hunter and demon herself finding Hunter Kiss trying to balance the light while protecting Grant from death is a great read.

I believe that any fan of the genre will like this book. Here's the caveat though, without reading The Iron Hunt (Hunter Kiss, Book 1) and the Hunter Kiss short story from the Wild Thing
anthology some of the finer points will be lost. However if you're ready for the action to start you can pick up Darkness Calls without fear. Besides Darkness Calls Ms Liu also turns up the heat this summer with the previously mentioned Dark Wolverine and also NYX: No Way Home TPB (Nyx (Graphic Novels) collection from Marvel Comics, as well as The Fire King (Dirk & Steele Romance) due out July 28th.

Darkness Calls should be on any Paranormal reader's "Must Read List," this summer.

It receives an Excellent rating from me, 3.5 stars out of 4.

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