Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tempest Rising - Jane True Bk 1 - Nicole Peeler

In the tiny hamlet of Rockabill, Maine lives 26 year old, Jane True. Rockabill is also the home to the "Old Sow,' the largest natural whirlpool in the Western hemisphere, which Jane enjoys swimming in. Jane knows that no one in their right mind would swim in the Sow (so it's kept on the QT) and in the back of her mind she also knows that no one else could. During one of her clandestine dips Jane comes across the corpse of a man. Still not wanting anyone to know that she swims in the Sow, Jane drags the body from the whirlpool's clutches and leaves it on shore for someone else to find.

A freakishly large, black dog begins to follow Jane soon after. He finally takes her to some answers about her strange affinity for the water and tolerance for the cold in the form of a gnome and kelpie. Jane finally begins to learn more about her long absent mother, most importantly being that she was a Selkie. This blossoms into an entire new world opening for Jane that is filled with supernaturals. Most important of those being Ryu, the vampire sent to investigate the death because the man was a Halfling just like Jane.

Ryu vows to keep Jane safe because this murder after is not the first, but is this a lone person or a larger conspiracy to eliminate the Halflings?

Tempest Rising is a gem of a novel from first time author Nicole Peeler. With it's laugh-out-loud moments and endearing characters you'll be pulled in from the beginning. The best thing in Tempest Rising in Jane True herself. For a Halfling she has all too human frailties. From her compelling back story to her snarkiness, she's a main character with some chutzpa.

Some of the supernaturals you meet in Tempest Rising are: selkies, gnomes, kelpies, barghest, vampires, nagas, djinn and nahaul. Bringing so many new and different avenues to explore than your run of the mill paranormal fantasy is an expert touch from a first timer. Ms. Peeler has a fertile imagination that takes you on an amazing trip. The one problem you have is that you won't wish for it to end. Your suffering will not even last a year since Jane True Bk 2 - Tracking the Tempest will hit shelves Spring/Summer 2010.
Tempest Rising - Jane True Book 1 receives 3.5 out of 4 stars. Pick it will not be disappointed.


  1. I can't wait to read this one. It sounds so unique. Also glad to see there won't be a long wait till the next novel in this series, especially if it's as enjoyable as it looks to be.

  2. Just finished this one and loved it! Can't believe we have to wait until next Spring for Book 2, but maybe we can badger Nicole for excerpts until then? Enjoyed your review! And it's great to have you back Patrick! :)