Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hallowed Circle - Persephone Alcmedi Bk. 2 - Linda Robertson

Still trying to work out what being the Lustrata fully entails, Persephone "Seph" Alcmedi finds out she's been nominated to be High Priestess of the Cleveland, OH, coven by her friend Lydia Whitmore. It's still a mystery to everyone (with the exception of Seph) what happened to Vivian Diamond, the previous High Priestess. Seph is not jazzed about being nominated for several reasons. Chief amongst them being, A) she was the person who turned Vivian over to the vampire that did away with her, B) she is now the guardian of Beverly, who's werewolf mother Lorrie has only been dead for 3 weeks and let's not forget C) Seph now carries the vampire Menessos' mark, "the stain," along with the powers that come with it. No witch is ever allowed to be under the influence of a vampire and be in a position of power, but to prevent another snooty, social climber from getting the post, Seph will do it.

As the Eximium (the contest) begins one finalist turns up dead. So, it's up to Seph to: find out who's killing finalists, make it through the contest without the judges seeing her "stain," win the contest, and to come in to her own as the Lustrata when the Cleveland coven needs her the most.

Hallowed Circle
takes up where Vicious Circle left off and is even more entertaining in my estimation. Hitting all my favourite high points in urban fantasy of mystery, romance and magic, Hallowed Circle does not disappoint fans of Persephone's first outing. How Seph deals with both 6'2", leather-clad biker, Johnny and the Eximium are the high points for me. One can tell that Ms. Robertson has found her footing as a storyteller and whispers a promise of only good things to future readers.

To those that may find the beginning of Hallowed Circle a bit slow, rest assured that like any good roller coaster you'll find it well worth it by novel's end. Like any Book Two worth it's salt, Hallowed Circle builds beautifully on Vicious Circle and sets up Fatal Circle flawlessly.

Not to mention the fact that Hallowed Circle will always be my first. The first mass market paperback novel that I received a blurb in, "A fun romp of a novel....Seph acts as any of us would and it makes her endearing and easy for the reader to root for....Completely entertaining." Thanks to Paula Guran at Juno Books, Erica Feldon at Simon and Schuster and Linda Robertson herself.

Hallowed Circle receives an Excellent rating of 3.5 out of 4 stars.

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