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Death's Sweet Embrace - Dark Brethren Bk #2 - Tracey O'Hara

     Young shapeshifters are being found murdered around New York with their chest's cracked open and their hearts taken.  A task force is formed to investigate, hunt down and kill the perpetrator if necessary.  It includes: the Ursian Oberon Duprie, the Aeternus (vampire) Antoinette Petrescu, the witch Bianca Sin, the incubus Cody Shields and the other Aeternus Tones Geraldi.  Plus, the doctor/shapeshifter Kitt Jordan and her ex-lover Raven Matokwe, two people who agreed to have nothing to do with one another ever again after their relationship fell apart.
     The years away from one another has done nothing to cool the passions between Kitt and Raven.  So much so that it begins to get in the way of the investigation with Raven's mind only being on protecting Kitt from harm rather than catching the killer.  This is also a major problem since there is a price on Raven's head thanks to Kitt's father, and hitmen are beginning to come out of the woodwork to collect.
     Now children from both Kitt and Raven's clans have been killed.  They must put their feelings for one another aside for the time being and stop this viscous murderer before she or he strikes again because it appears that Kitt's own daughters may be next on this sociopath's list.
     Yes, you will recognise the story being told through the supernatural layers being placed upon it.  It was one of those little known Shakespearean plays called Romeo and Juliet.  The difference between this and when most authors try and do this in popular fiction is that this doesn't suck like a black hole.  Kitt is from a snow-leopard clan and Raven is a werewolf so, you can see were her father would have a major problem with them hooking up.  There's also something that happens in the past that Raven is blamed for that gives good reason for a price being laid upon his head, but I can't go into that without major spoilers.
     My own problem with this second novel is that Antoinette, our main character from Night's Cold Kiss is regulated to a secondary character in Death's Sweet Embrace, and that's not really spelled out for you on the back cover.  You keep expecting her to come out and take over the book, especially since she has whole chapters written in her voice.
     All in all though Death's Sweet Embrace is a thoroughly enjoyable read.  It falls into the two categories that I see all of UF/PNR, mystery or romance.  Either one or the other with supernatural creatures and or things put in.  Death's Sweet Embrace is a mystery with supernatural creatures solving the case.  Go out and pick up a copy, and the best thing about it?  You can do it without reading Night's Cold Kiss first.

Death's Sweet Embrace receives an Excellent rating of 3.5 stars out a 4

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  1. Nice review! I wrote my review of this one recently and I really enjoyed it =D