Monday, February 21, 2011

Dead Waters - Simon Canderous #4 - Anton Strout

     Psychometric agent for the Department of Extraordinary Affairs, Simon Canderous has found himself where he hates/loves, in trouble.  While doing a favour for his partner's vampire brother Aidan in vampire central dispatching a ghost (vampires can't affect anything they can't fight or bite) he get's more from the deranged ghost through his psychometric talents than he's bargained for. The ghost's hate and anger stay's with him.
     Now is not the time though since he and his girlfriend Jane are called out to the scene of a murder.  The murder of a university professor found locked inside his apartment, drowned...without a bit of water on his person.  Probably because it's all in his lungs.  To make matters more strange the deceased was the Inspector of the DEA, Argyle Quimbley's first partner. 
     To make matters infinitely more worse the DEA is down to  a skeleton crew and cannot even afford shoe-strings for its budget.  Everyone is living in fear of losing their jobs and working 20 hours out of the day.  With Simon carrying around all of these negative emotions and them starting to affect his powers, how is he going to solve this case?  And, how is he going to keep Jane with these emotions egging him to start fights with Jane at the drop of a hat?
     Anton Strout has a gift for dialogue, and Dead Waters proves this.  The kind where his novels can be read aloud, verbatim, and you would still get the back and forth, push and pull from the characters, even if it isn't read from an actor.  It's a rare talent from a writer to have this type of storytelling abilities and be able to write amazing dialogue like this.  Makes it fun to read all around.
     Okay, what didn't exactly thrill me, and this was completely as a guy, was his reaction to his girlfriend wanting more out of their relationship.  I realise that Simon was carrying around something else inside of him, but a lot of it was coming from Simon himself.  Just from a guy's perspective, I don't need more of the media (TV, movies, books) saying how as soon as guys are confronted with more of a relationship then they're ready for they try and bolt.  That's my piece, and in all's just nit picky.

Dead Waters - Simon Canderous #4 receives 3.5 stars out of 4

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  1. I loved this review. I don't normally read crime/paranormal books,so I stay clear of book reviews for them as well but I'm thinking of buying book 1 just to see how gifted Anton Strout is with his dialogue. Oh and I have to agree with you on not needing more media saying when men are confronted with more of a relationship then they're ready for they try and bolt. I would love to read a good book where the main male lead doesn't run from relationship's. Thanxs for the great book review