Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pale Demon - The Hollows #9 - Kim Harrison

     Having to answer for the first time about using black magic, Rachel travels to San Francisco to the annual witches conference to plead her case.  The airlines have all banned her so, it looks like a road trip for her, Ivy and Jenks.  That is until Trent Kalamack invites himself along, knowing that Rachel is the only person to get him to Seattle in time for his 'business.'  Meaning that this all turns into one big family road trip straight out of National Lampoon's.
     It's all fun and games until an elf frees a really pissed off demon beneath the St. Louis arch.  A demon that can hunt by day or night.  A demon that has his sights set directly upon Rachel. 
     If you felt, like myself, that Black Magic Sanction, was a cross-over book, just one to get the story from one place to the next without anything substantial happening, then Pale Demon is for you.  Pale Demon is one of those series books that comes out of nowhere.  It reminds you why you keep buying from this particular author and why these characters are some of your favourites in the genre.  I guess what I'm taking too many sentences to say is that Pale Demon just kicks ass, folks.  There isn't a false note hit and it all plays masterfully.
     I still know what's good and what's not.  Like I said, Black Magic Sanction was not one of my favourite's in The Hollow's series, but Kim Harrison will always have a special place in my heart.  I bought Dead Witch Walking and Kelley Armstrong's Bitten on the same day.  Plus, I'm going to see her this year along with Patricia Briggs at Murder By the Book on March 5 th.  Please introduce yourself if you see me, I'll be the geek with the name badge.  I'll post all of her tour dates later on this week.

Pale Demon receives a Classic 4 out of  4 Stars rating!

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  1. Awesome review!

    I felt the same way about BMS and PD... this was a game changer for this series for me! Awesome!