Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bloodring - Rogue Mage Bk 1 - Faith Hunter

This debut novel from Ms Hunter (Well, under the Faith Hunter name, more can be found under her Gwen Hunter name) introduces us to Thorn St Croix, a neomage. Set in a post apocalyptic world with only one problem. The second coming has yet to show his or her face. In their stead however are angels called Seraphs who seem to run everything and are bound and determined to punish humanity for their sins.

There also happen to be many devils and demons running about making life even more miserable for the innocents. Not to mention the kylen – offspring of Seraphs and humans, and we remember how well that worked out in the Old testament - and neomages, who are sequestered in their 'havens' or enclaves. Supposedly, for their own good, but mostly because the neomages’ power could upset the delicate balance the Seraphs have in place. However, there is one unlicensed mage who lives amongst the humans, you guessed it, Thorn St Croix, and her husband has recently been abducted. Was it mentioned that the penalty for any neomage found wandering from the enclaves is death?

The kidnapping of Thorn’s husband Lucas is where everything Thorn has worked for may be destroyed. The investigator in charge of the case is a kylen by the name of Thaddeus Bartholomew. The thing is is that Thaddeus is completely ignorant of his heritage. Thorn has little choice but to help Thaddeus if she ever wishes to see her husband again.

For a first novel, plus the obvious beginning of a larger story just starting to unfold, it has very good pacing and a nice storyline. All of that on top of a break neck ending that’s really nicely pulled together it makes Bloodring very worth picking up. For the promise it makes as the first book of the trilogy if for nothing else.

This novel get’s a Good rating: 3 out of 4 Stars from me, simply for being the first in a longer story.

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Faith Hunter is the author of many mysteries and thrillers under the name Gwen Hunter. Please check out her website.

Her next novel Skinwalker: A Jane Yellowrock Novel is due out July 7th 2009. On a personal note…She’s a real sweetie.

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  1. The Rogue Mage trilogy is one of my favourites. It covers all the bases... post-apocalyptic, creepy angels, kick-ass lead, magic, religious conflict. This is a series I have re-read recently and it still impresses me, more so than Skinwalker.