Thursday, May 14, 2009

Night Shift - Jill Kismet BK 1 - Lilith Saintcrow

First off as small confession, Night Shift is my first Lilith Saintcrow book. I know, I know how can I call myself a preternatural reviewer and I’ve never read any of Saintcrow’s Dante Valentine’s books. Well, I’ll do my best to muddle through and at the same to tell you about one of the most intriguing female protagonist that I’ve had the pleasure to read in quite some time.

Jill Kismet is a Hunter of Hellbreed., those who are the nastiest of the nasty that happen reside here on Earth. More than likely because Hell won’t have them. She’s not just a Hunter, she comes close to almost being an old west peacekeeper. As long as you’re on her planet you’re going to follow the rules or your demon ass will be put down, and hard.

Kismet is new to doing this alone. Her mentor was lost a few months previous and she also carries the mark of a certain Hellbreed upon her. The mark gives her enhanced abilities the only trade off is that this Hellbreed wishes for a few days of her time every month with the end result hopefully being that he owns her soul.

Things are tough, but Jill manages until the day she is called upon to look over the scene of an especially heinous cop killing. A were-wolf was involved in the slaying, but Jill believes that a Hellbreed was pulling his strings. Only one problem with this theory, Weres and Hellbreed do not run in the same circles.

Jill must get to the bottom of this case before the bodies really start to pile up. Unfortunately, both her physical and mental limits are going to be pushed to the breaking point not to mention that she finds her own immortal soul in serious jeopardy.

Night Shift is Ms Saintcrow’s opening novel in her Jill Kismet series. As with the first story in what you know is only the first part in a longer serious, quite a bit of time is spent setting up things and trying to fill in rough sketches of all the supporting characters. I do indeed like what she’s setting up; it’s like jazz with Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker playing the sax. It’s very moody with dark undertones.

Don’t let this frighten you. Saintcrow does not make the mistake of letting the mood ruin or slowdown her story in anyway. Gritty is the best was to describe it. Gritty Noir. Fighting the Hellbreed, Jill must walk the tightrope between using what powers she has sparingly to fight or the arsenal she carries upon her person.

Night Shift, depending upon what Preternatural Books you read, is probably “darker” and more “horrific.”

Night Shift get’s an Excellent, a 3.5 out of 4 Stars from me, and I expect the next will get a four hands down.

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Her next Jill Kismet Novel is Redemption Alley (Jill Kismet) due August, 09.

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