Friday, June 26, 2009

Atlantis Unleashed - Warriors of Poseidon - Alyssa Day

The Warriors of Atlantis made a pact eleven thousand years ago, a vow to protect humanity at all costs. Why would humanity need protecting? It just so happens that those things that used to go bump in the night have come out of hiding. The vampires and werewolves we all knew in our heart of hearts were real since we were little have come out into the open, and some of them are beginning to take parts of the world for their own. The only beings with the capability to stop them are the Warriors of Atlantis.

Amongst these Warriors is Lord Justice. Lord Justice is fresh coming from tortures and degradations unimaginable that he took on willingly to protect his brother. Under the care of the vampire Goddess Anubisa where he went, Hell would have been considered a vacation spot. Being a hybrid Atlantan/Nereid was a special catch for Anubisa. Now, he has returned, but his psyche and his very sanity are on shaky ground.

Along comes archeologist Dr. Keely McDermott who possesses some abilities of her own that help her in her work. The ability to touch ancient objects and find herself transported to the time the object was used. Her most recent excavation has led her to a carving that is over 10000 years old. To her shock its creator is still alive and his name is Lord Justice. She will be of tremendous help in the quest Justice has been sent upon, to find the lost Star of Artemis. The attraction between Keely and Justice is almost immediate. They find themselves drawn close and closer to one another. They will need one another to succeed in this quest especially with Anubisa wanting her prize, Lord Justice, back.

The first thing to remember is that Atlantis Unleashed is the third book in the series and your enjoyment will increase dramatically reading them in order. Here's the order I've read them in: Atlantis Rising where High Prince Conlan and Riley meet, The short story Wild Hearts in Atlantis in the Wild Thing anthology where we meet Bastien, Atlantis Awakening is Ven's story, Shifter's Lady can be found in the anthology Shifter and it's Ethan's Story. That brings us up to Atlantis Unleashed with Lord Justice and Keely. That kinda sounds like five books doesn't it? Well, Atlantis Unleashed is the third book in the canon, but I assure you that the short stories are not to be missed and I believe they will play a role in future novels.

Also, for fans of the series (myself included I truly enjoy the mythos that Alyssa Day is creating) Day has just announced in her blog that she just signed a three-book deal for more Warriors of Poseidon novels. Back to Atlantis Unleashed though, Day's use of one woman for each of her Warriors is wonderful. I'm a bit of a romantic myself and enjoy the soul mate concept. Anyone who read Atlantis Awakening had to be chopping at the bit for Lord Justice's story especially with the ending it had. From his Nereid heritage that brings new abilities to his distinctive blue hair. Day makes you believe that each one of her Warriors are just that, Warriors ready to battle at a moment's notice. Her battle scenes are authentic in my mind and the psychological war that is taking place in Justice's mind will draw you in immediately.

You would think that with most of Ms. Day's attention focused on her Warriors that the female protagonist would get overshadowed. Not so. In all of the Atlantis books I've read the heroines give as good as they get. With Keely you get intelligence and independence rolled into one. This is no damsel in distress. This is a character that would fight along side Justice with fierceness and voracity if needed.

All in all, Atlantis Unleashed is a fast paced read that can be devoured in one sitting. With Atlantis Unmasked coming out this July featuring Alexios' story you're sure to be waiting with baited breath. Alyssa Day is a writer with talent to spare. This one is a must have.

Atlantis Unleashed gets a Classic rating from me: 4 out of 4 stars.

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  1. Hi ;)
    Great Review.
    I am looking forward to reading ATLANTIS UNLEASHED. I've read the other books. I am a great Alyssa Day fan.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great review! I have the first two books in this series but have yet to read them. Really need to get started on them. Thanks for the tip on the anthologies, I don't have those. I don't want to miss out on anything, especially as good as you say this series.