Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mark of the Demon - Book One - Diana Rowland

A rookie detective, Kara Gillian, gets her big chance to solve her first big case. The Symbol Man who the Beualac populace thought had stopped killing three years previous is back. Detective Gillian is also a Summoner and can sense that there's magic involved in these new killings. She Summons a demon to help her, but doesn't get just any old demon. He is a demon Lord by the name of Rhyzkahl, but will he help Detective Gillian? And what agenda of his own does he have?

Also, what does it mean for Kara when FBI Agent Kristoff arrives at her murder scenes? She needs his expertise, but will he help or a hinder her investigation? There are truly only two main characters in Mark of the Demon, Kara & Rhyzkahl, but the secondary characters do get some really nice bits in the book.

I'm sure most people might consider this a slow starter, but not I. I actually read Cornwell and Reichs. I know the setup that needs to go into a 'Magical Murder Mystery TourTM'. It's because everything that's there in the beginning is there for a reason. This is a break-out novel from a first time author. I'll be more than happy to give you my warning for books like this: It will keep you up past your bedtime. That is, if you don't finish it in one reading.

Diana Rowland has hit a home run, not only with Urban Fantasy fans, but I believe anyone who reads Forensic Science/Police Procedure books will enjoy Mark of the Demon as well.

Mark of the Demon is Excellent and rightfully receives 3.5 Stars out of 4 from me.

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