Monday, November 16, 2009

Blood Bargain - Blood Lines Bk 2 - Maria Lima

Taking up months after Matters of the Blood concluded we find our protagonist, Keira Kelly has basically moved in with her lover Adam Walker, the leader of the local vampires at the Wild Moon Ranch. Adam has been making all the other vampires at the Wild Moon swear off human blood. Even that is a concession on his part, but now hunts happen to the old and infirm deer the ranch.

Adam himself has not been taking part in these hunts only subsiding on his bottled blood. Keira has noticed however that things seem off with her lover. A stumble here, looking wane and hardly having any energy. Keira must think of a way to get Adam to take care of himself. Something that's proving more difficult then it sounds. Not even her millennium old brother Tucker can think of how to help, and since his love is Niko, Adam's second, this is affecting him too.

Not to mention the fact that people have begun to disappear from Rio Seco. Keira's garden spot in the Texas Hill Country is becoming more and more dangerous. Especially waiting the Change, her becoming what kind of supernatural she'll be for the rest of her long life is really starting to take hold. She knows none of the vampires would defy Adam's edict, but Keira needs to find out just what's going on. Deciding to investigate the disappearances with her brother, Keira sets into motion a chain of dominoes that may have dire consequences for all involved. And what connection does the ancient cemetery Keira cleaned as a girl have to do with all this?

With Keira's powers still not decided what they wish to settle on, her slightest touch can bring on a vision that brings her to her knees. Keira becomes an even fun more multi-layered character throughout Blood Bargin. We begin to find out more of her back story, included just who and what her mother was.

With Ms. Lima's talent for mystery, Blood Bargain yet again fits under my Paranormal Mystery heading. This time though it isn't the mystery so much, but the conclusion of it and just how everyone fits in that will keep you enthralled. Yet again, as with Matters of the Blood, Blood Bargain has fast paced, take no prisoners action. Blood Bargain grabs you by the throat from the go and doesn't release it's grip until you're done. The fact that it has a cliff hanger of sorts shouldn't worry anyone since Blood Kin - Blood Lines Bk 3 is out already and takes up directly where Blood Bargain leaves you.

Blood Bargain - Blood Lines Bk 2 receives an Excellent rating of 3.5 out 4 stars and the entire series should be on everyone's Must Read.

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